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Life of a Lonely Boy

My Life

That day!
Almost two decades ago
Still I can feel and see
The tears falling down their cheeks
My mother and father
My brother and sister
All came to see me off

But I never used to think
Since that day
I’m completely separated from them
I am used to feeling them everyday

Now I am here
I am here in India
I am become a refugee
Refugee for everything

I can’t see and hear
What is going in my homeland
But I can feel my beloved relatives
Always concern for me!

My Life

Blogs and Poems by Kriti Bhargava – The Photographer cum Blogger



Let the words speak your feelings.
Let the music do all the healings.
Let the rhythm touch your soul.
Let them make you whole,
Whatyou think, don’t let that go suppressed. Otherwise it would make you even more depressed,
I know it will be difficult at first.
But I also know, there will be someone you can trust. Feel like crying? Cry!!
Make all your worries fly.
Wish, sing, live, dance, laugh and dream.
Not everything will be smooth as cream.
Trust me, the pain you feel, won’t long last.
Just stop thinking about the past.
Fight your demons, fight the dark.
Surviving is an amazing art.
Just turn every single curse you got into boons.
The problems you are facing will end up soon.

Blogs and Photography by Kriti Bhargava

Funny Poem – Husband apna aisa ho

Husband Apna Aisa Ho


Husband apna aisa ho,
Haath mein jiske paisa ho,
Padha-likha who aisa ho,
Door-door tak koi naa uske jaisa ho,
Ilaake mein sabse popular ho,
Husband apna aisa ho !

Nazar jiski achchhi ho,
Din-raat saamne rehta ho,
Par kaam-dhaam bhi kuch karta ho,
Pehle school mein top karta ho,
Phir office mein boss rehta ho,
Husband apna aisa ho !

Pooja-paath se chahe kosoen door ho,
Par apni patni ko hamesha pujta ho,
Har kaam se pehle poochta ho,
Patni ki permission ke bina kuch naa karta ho,
Husband apna aisa ho !

Engineer, doctor chaahe job hi ho,
Khaana banana usse aata ho,
Achchhi tarah se serve karke, pyar se khilana bhi aata ho,
Khaane ke baad, sweet dish se munh jo meetha karata ho,
Husband apna aisa ho !

Din-bhar ke baad raat ko,
Pair patni ke jo dabaata ho,
Kharrate jo kabhi naa leta ho,
Husband apna aisa ho !

Subah pehle uthe jo,
Bed-tea se jagaaye patni ko,
Ruthe jo kabhi patni ji, haath jodkar manaye who,
Chutti ke din kaamwaali ki kami poori kare jo,
Husband apna aisa ho !

Par ye sab karne ke saath-saath,
Husband apna dashing ho,
6 se kam na jiski height ho,
Weight bhi jiska light ho,
Kabhi naa karta fight ho,
Faisla jiska sada right ho,
Jise dekhna world ki No.1 sight ho,
Dimaag bhi superfast flight ho,
Dil jiska pure white ho,

Jiske paas Nokia ka sabse mehnga mobile ho,
Chamkaade har party, har DJ night woh ,
Aisa uska style ho,
Har tarah se jo Hi-fi ho,
Husband apna waisa ho !

Koi ye kavita padhe ya naa padhe,
Sabke munh par ye kehte hue smile ho,
“Ki pati ho to aisa,
Jiska future bright ho…
Nahin to shaadi karna,
Jaise karna suicide ho…!”

‘You are too young to understand’

‘You’re just too young, you’ll understand when you’re older’;

Well let me tell you a story to make your blood run colder;

Once upon a time, there was such a perfect family;

Four pretty girls, a mom, and a dad, all so happy;

Then mommy started working late, dad became a bum;

Drinking beer and watching tv all day, ending the fun;
My oldest sister started to run the house, only one who could;

Dad didn’t care, and mom wouldn’t even if she could;

Then mom decided I wasn’t good enough, I’m a piece of shít;

Cruel words thrown at me, less confidence with each verbal hit;

‘Why are you so stupid, listen more you goddámn idiot!”;

I’m sorry I’m legally half deaf, sorry I’m a freak who doesn’t fit;

I thought 3rd in my class was pretty good, untill you didn’t care;
Baby sister got all the attention, at least what little you would spare;

But now we have a problem, see oldest sister’s off to college;
That leaves the next kid up, at least that’s the answer that’s common;

But see, she doesn’t care, and me the now middle child is in charge;

Cause my older sister is failing all her classes, so I’m the next star;

Now I’m leading both my sisters, my parents still don’t care;

If we go out, the money comes from my pocket, is that fair?;
My parents only buy food won’t cook it, my clothes I bought myself;

Every so often my grandma takes pity and will come and help;

Of course my mom still thinks I’m a piece of shìt, as I cook dinner;

I’m running this family, but for some reason I don’t feel like a winner;
I have to yell at my dad to pay all the bills, make sure we have food;

I’m doing everything, yet they wonder why I’m always in a mood;

I do the dishes, make sure homeworks done, of course I shop too;

Can’t fúcking wait til I move out and all this is done and through;
Because I’m only 14, just a teenager but I grew up too fast;

Wish I could go back and try to make my childhood last;

Friends say I’m uptight and that I should just sit back and relax;
Wish that I could, but I have to worry about all the taxes;

And for the few seconds I spend on my phone, I get yelled at;

‘You’re too lazy’ well I’m sorry my online friend is all I have;
So next time you think I’m too young to understand being an adult;

Maybe you should think about the story behind my walls;

Try to hide


I’m the sun,

The flame above your head.

Still compared to none,

I’m m the greatest gift ever made.
Who hides from me?

I’m the air they breathe.

So calm,yet unseen,

The greatest of every need.
I stood here for years,

I’m a mountain you climb.

Unshaken, yet on me they gaze,

They wonder where exactly is my mind.


You said to me

Love has legs

It grew out two

Who can I blame

For letting my heart break

For letting your words-

Cut through me like a stake

Hurting me thorough and through

My love you used as a tool

To take me for a fool

My trust you took

But out of the window it flew
You said to me

Love has an expiry date

That applies to me and you

And in case I’m slow

That means that we are through

So I should no longer cling

Nor hold on to you

I know I was a fool

For you to deceive

While I believed-

That there could be

Perhaps a little good in you
You said to me

Once upon a time

‘I loved you too’

But I know the truth

I know I loved,

A heartless man

Who left my heart in tatters

And alone I shall mend

‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ –

Or so he said

He left me for her,

All because she was someone new.



Guess you’re wondering why did I write this

well I am doing it because you are the one that I truly miss
and by the end of this poem I would like to be the one

to be able to say your heart has finally won
I might not be perfect

yet I am sure I can give you memories that you will never forget

but overall I am sure it is something you won’t regret
yes I know I might not be your type or anything

but I promise it is worth trying
just look at your wonderful smile

I bet I can pull many of those before you are able to call someone on your speed dial
honestly I have no idea how all this happened

but my heart is something you have opened
so just give me a chance

and take a little glance
lastly I would like to apologize to you so sorry

since you might not feel the same because you got me going crazy
but I can’t give up now and just turn around

because I am like an adjective that won’t be the same without its noun
as you can see I like you a lot because you are so beautiful

inside out in other words you are perfectly wonderful
and as this poem comes to an end

I would like to tell you that I am glad to call you my friend
but overall I will be waiting for the special day  to call you my girlfriend

call you my girlfriend
and I am very sorry if I don’t write it by hand it’s not that I am lazy

It’s just that I don’t want it to be super messy
and sorry if I ever stutter around you it’s simply because I kind of get shy

well this is the end of my poem so take care and well good-bye


“Poems are the friends we make them, expressing in words a thought, of happiness, sadness, caring, experience dearly bought.”

Poetry is a form of communication and people use verses from poems in cards, in speeches, and as inspiration. Reading a poem can change your thinking on a topic, or it can describe how you are feeling.

There are many different styles of poetry, from ballads to rhymes to lyrics – all are a great way to express your feelings. You may also want to be creative by writing your own, you might be surprised how inspirational and creative you can be! Find the thoughts of poets who are writers around the world who have shared their thughts through poetry.

“The distinction between historian and poet is not in the one writing prose and the other verse . . .the one describes the thing that has been, and the other a kind of thing that might be. Hence poetry is something more philosophic and of graver import than history, since its statements are of the nature rather of universals, whereas those of history are singulars.”