You said to me

Love has legs

It grew out two

Who can I blame

For letting my heart break

For letting your words-

Cut through me like a stake

Hurting me thorough and through

My love you used as a tool

To take me for a fool

My trust you took

But out of the window it flew
You said to me

Love has an expiry date

That applies to me and you

And in case I’m slow

That means that we are through

So I should no longer cling

Nor hold on to you

I know I was a fool

For you to deceive

While I believed-

That there could be

Perhaps a little good in you
You said to me

Once upon a time

‘I loved you too’

But I know the truth

I know I loved,

A heartless man

Who left my heart in tatters

And alone I shall mend

‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ –

Or so he said

He left me for her,

All because she was someone new.