Guess you’re wondering why did I write this

well I am doing it because you are the one that I truly miss
and by the end of this poem I would like to be the one

to be able to say your heart has finally won
I might not be perfect

yet I am sure I can give you memories that you will never forget

but overall I am sure it is something you won’t regret
yes I know I might not be your type or anything

but I promise it is worth trying
just look at your wonderful smile

I bet I can pull many of those before you are able to call someone on your speed dial
honestly I have no idea how all this happened

but my heart is something you have opened
so just give me a chance

and take a little glance
lastly I would like to apologize to you so sorry

since you might not feel the same because you got me going crazy
but I can’t give up now and just turn around

because I am like an adjective that won’t be the same without its noun
as you can see I like you a lot because you are so beautiful

inside out in other words you are perfectly wonderful
and as this poem comes to an end

I would like to tell you that I am glad to call you my friend
but overall I will be waiting for the special day  to call you my girlfriend

call you my girlfriend
and I am very sorry if I don’t write it by hand it’s not that I am lazy

It’s just that I don’t want it to be super messy
and sorry if I ever stutter around you it’s simply because I kind of get shy

well this is the end of my poem so take care and well good-bye