Survive Quote - by Kriti_Bhargava at photoclickclub (PCC_9976)



Let the words speak your feelings.
Let the music do all the healings.
Let the rhythm touch your soul.
Let them make you whole,
Whatyou think, don’t let that go suppressed. Otherwise it would make you even more depressed,
I know it will be difficult at first.
But I also know, there will be someone you can trust. Feel like crying? Cry!!
Make all your worries fly.
Wish, sing, live, dance, laugh and dream.
Not everything will be smooth as cream.
Trust me, the pain you feel, won’t long last.
Just stop thinking about the past.
Fight your demons, fight the dark.
Surviving is an amazing art.
Just turn every single curse you got into boons.
The problems you are facing will end up soon.

Blogs and Photography by Kriti Bhargava

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