What is a DSLR? DSLR stands for “Digital Single Lens Reflex”. This kind of camera reflects light through a lens and into the optical viewfinder using a mirror. The mirror…

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Aaroh: S R G P D S'Avroh: S' D P G~ R | .D~ SPakkad: G R P G~ | G R | .D~ S SwarasMadhyam and Nishad forbidden (varjya).…

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10 Thaats of Hindustani Classical Music In a layman's language to define, a Thaat is like a category under which there could be number of Raags.A Thaat is a sequential…

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Alankars Practicing Alankars everyday is the best way to become proficient in playing on other instrument.Alankars are the logical patterns of Swars which should be played along with Taal (beats).You…

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