Let Go

Let Go!!!

Sometimes we have a clear vision of what we want our life to be like. We set goals, make plans, and work hard in order to achieve them. But life is full of surprises and unpredictable . Sometimes things don’t go as we expected, and we face challenges, obstacles, or opportunities that change our course. How do we deal with these changes? Do we resist them and cling to our original plan, or do we embrace them and adapt to the new situation?

I believe that the latter option is the wiser one. We think to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. This doesn’t mean that we give up on our dreams or settle for less than we deserve. It means that we are open to the possibility that there is something better for us out there, something that we may not have imagined or considered before.

Letting go of the life we planned can be scary and painful. It can feel like a loss or a failure. But this can also be liberating and exciting. It can open up new doors and possibilities for us, and lead us to discover new aspects of ourselves and the world. It can help us grow, learn, and evolve as human beings.

I have experienced this in my own life. I had a plan to become a coder and create softwares which could help others to work easily. I studied hard, got good grades, and passed the board exam. But along the way, I realized that I was not happy or fulfilled with this career path as a coder. I felt stressed, bored, and uncreative. I wanted to do something more meaningful and enjoyable with my life.

So I decided to let go of my plan and pursue my passion for photography. I quit my job, started clicking pictures created a blog, and began to share my pictures, thoughts and experiences with the world. It was not easy, and I faced many fears, and challenges. But it was also rewarding, fun, and satisfying. I found my voice, my audience, and my purpose. I created a new life for myself, one that suited me better and made me happier.

I’m not saying that everyone should quit their jobs and follow their passions. I’m saying that everyone should be open to change and willing to let go of their plans when they no longer serve them. Life is too short and precious to waste on things that don’t make us happy or fulfilled. We should let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.