‘You are too young to understand’

‘You’re just too young, you’ll understand when you’re older’;

Well let me tell you a story to make your blood run colder;

Once upon a time, there was such a perfect family;

Four pretty girls, a mom, and a dad, all so happy;

Then mommy started working late, dad became a bum;

Drinking beer and watching tv all day, ending the fun;
My oldest sister started to run the house, only one who could;

Dad didn’t care, and mom wouldn’t even if she could;

Then mom decided I wasn’t good enough, I’m a piece of shít;

Cruel words thrown at me, less confidence with each verbal hit;

‘Why are you so stupid, listen more you goddámn idiot!”;

I’m sorry I’m legally half deaf, sorry I’m a freak who doesn’t fit;

I thought 3rd in my class was pretty good, untill you didn’t care;
Baby sister got all the attention, at least what little you would spare;

But now we have a problem, see oldest sister’s off to college;
That leaves the next kid up, at least that’s the answer that’s common;

But see, she doesn’t care, and me the now middle child is in charge;

Cause my older sister is failing all her classes, so I’m the next star;

Now I’m leading both my sisters, my parents still don’t care;

If we go out, the money comes from my pocket, is that fair?;
My parents only buy food won’t cook it, my clothes I bought myself;

Every so often my grandma takes pity and will come and help;

Of course my mom still thinks I’m a piece of shìt, as I cook dinner;

I’m running this family, but for some reason I don’t feel like a winner;
I have to yell at my dad to pay all the bills, make sure we have food;

I’m doing everything, yet they wonder why I’m always in a mood;

I do the dishes, make sure homeworks done, of course I shop too;

Can’t fúcking wait til I move out and all this is done and through;
Because I’m only 14, just a teenager but I grew up too fast;

Wish I could go back and try to make my childhood last;

Friends say I’m uptight and that I should just sit back and relax;
Wish that I could, but I have to worry about all the taxes;

And for the few seconds I spend on my phone, I get yelled at;

‘You’re too lazy’ well I’m sorry my online friend is all I have;
So next time you think I’m too young to understand being an adult;

Maybe you should think about the story behind my walls;