Believe Yourself
Believe Yourself

You Make Your Own Beliefs

You make Your own Beliefs

Life is not, what has been offered to you, but what you make out of it. Life is all about your beliefs. You make your beliefs. Belief is to believe in something. We believe in life, out of trust, faith and sometimes because the world believes in it.

Your beliefs can only stand the truth if it comes out of your personal experience. Belief is required to take an action. Once you have an experience, your belief gets restore in you.

Beliefs are formed in two ways. Either you accept something, without applying into your life, then that belief simply remains an illusive reality for you, because when the time comes for you to act on your belief, everything that you hold in your mind, simply falls apart.

The another way to develop a belief is to act upon the belief. To get the first-hand experience out of the belief. Once you have an experience, no matter what or who try to deviate you from your belief, you can always stand on, what you believe, because now it has become the part of your experience.

It’s hard to make your own beliefs, as people are most used to believe in things, without personal experience.

If I tell you hard work pays off, and smart work doesn’t or smart work pays off, and hard work don’t, then you can agree with me on both the terms, but you can never get to the truth of it unless you apply and experience it for yourself. Only then the truth out of belief will be revealed to you.

You can make your own beliefs, out of choice and personal experience. When you make a choice in life, you create your own path and choose the success and failure for yourself. Then you don’t have to make somebody else, responsible for your downfall. You take complete responsibility for your life.

This can only happen if you trust yourself enough to take the decisions of your life, and ready to pay the price for it if anything goes wrong.

How do you develop your Personal Beliefs?

When you make a choice to make it big in life and start taking an active step towards it, over the time, you push your mind, body and emotions to get closer to it. With faith in yourself, and trusting your dreams, you move on with life.

When you walk towards your dreams, you get closer to it. Slowly you see the clear picture and images of your dreams. You take one step at a time.You accumulate experience with every step. This experience turns into your beliefs. As you move on with life, your beliefs get stronger, and you create life out of your desire. This is how you develop your personal beliefs.

The beliefs can only create wonders in life if it’s out of your personal experience.
The time you have enough of your personal experiences in life, you develop your own beliefs, and if you have achieved success with your beliefs, you can share the same with others, but your sharing will not be out of assumption, but the real authentic experience of life.

It’s always good to learn from others experience, but one should know, how to differentiate between the beliefs out of the experience, and the borrowed beliefs. Everyone knowingly unknowingly carries their own beliefs and creates life out of it. Whatever you believe in yourself, becomes your truth in life.

There is no right or wrong, but what you feel right for yourself, is the only truth of life, and with the deeper conviction, it becomes a part of your belief system.
Whatever belief you carry for yourself, make sure it’s not shaken by the beliefs of others, and should at least fulfill your purpose of life. If your beliefs, doesn’t give you the required satisfaction, then it’s certainly a borrowed belief, and you might be walking on someone else’s path.

“Develop a New Belief.”
Beliefs can always be replaced, and we can add fresh & new beliefs to our system. If before July 1969, if anybody have been asked about the possibility of landing on the moon, the answer would have definite No.

Neil Arm Strong landed on Moon, on July 1969.

Once Neil Arm Strong landed on Moon, the belief system got changed in a flick of a second. Beliefs are thoughts, that can be replaced, by developing the new belief system.

We all create our own beliefs by expanding our imagination. Imagination creates thoughts, and thoughts turn into an action which leads to creating a new belief system. If you have the weaker imagination for the future, try to change it, create a better picture, & act out of your imagination, so that you can have better experiences, to develop a better belief system.

If you have the weaker imagination for the future, try to change it, create a better picture, & act out of your imagination, so that you can have better experiences, to develop a better belief system.

The mind is like a vessel. As you accumulate new experiences of life, old experiences get replaced by it, but keep in mind, to have fresh experiences better than the previous one. Only then you grow and get better with your experiences of life.

The mind is an instrument for all the beliefs of this world, be it religious, spiritual, social, political or any other beliefs. Mind creates thoughts out of imagination, and these thoughts turn into emotions, that compels the person to act. The mind is a source of everything. Mind drives us everywhere. Either we are driven for pleasure, out of fear,out of emotions, or sometimes carried away by the past or future.

Life is like a reflective mirror, which shows not what you think, you are, but what you are. If you think, you are six feet tall in your mind, and you stand in front of the mirror, the mirror will not reflect what you think, but will reflect, what your actual height.

In the mind, we think something else, while the actual reality is far different than what we think. Rather remain lost in the thinking, we have to learn to remain more in the reality, so that we don’t get lost in the illusory imagination of the mind.

A life that we see outside starts with the mind. Whatever you see in the outside world reflects your inner thoughts and imagination. You only give, what you have inside, and the same reflects back to your life. Change your inner world, to see the change, in the outside world.

You can use different tools to have new experiences in life. This experiences can take you all together to a new level, to make the most magnificent life on this earth.

The only way to change the old beliefs and develop the new ones is to work within. There are few techniques, that directly impacts the thought patterns and the imagination, to help you create a new perspective towards life. You can only work on something or act upon the thing if your mind holds the image of it. If you can’t see it in your mind, you cannot make it a part of your reality.

Meditation, silence, any form of physical exercise or connecting with the breath, helps tremendously to expand the imaginative part of the mind and change the past belief system.

Improvement on the path is equally important, to expand the imagination, and manifest it on this earth. When we improve upon the path, on a daily basis, we see the future path, and this gives us the confidence to act with more courage, on the path.