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Parents Upbringing

Parents Upbringing

  Is parents so wrong on their Upbringing???

So heart aching to see this in the morning.
I’m not quite sure how some mother’s treat their child nowadays.

So the mother was raising her voice at her daughter about her not able to finish 2 slices of bread with jam in it. The mother was already having her “slapping hand” mode, keep chasing her to finish her food. The daughter keeps looking at her and shaking her head when she saw the hand sign. Out of the sudden she slap her daughter face. Even the ahma behind her just keep shaking her head. The daughter cried a few seconds and stop. She was force to eat a bread, and was scare to even cry. She’s so tiny. And continue with her “slapping hand” mode sign so her daughter will faster finish her bread.

I can’t really do much since there’s so many people in the bus, and the mum will probably yell “it’s none of your business of how I treat my kid” cos I’ve seen before, when a stranger step out. The mum might give the daughter more after getting down on bus.

Just feel that that’s not the right way to treat your kid. She just shouldn’t slap her even if she can’t finish her bread. Should have just ask her why she can’t finish the bread? Or maybe she needs water?

That’s just not right.

Hope the little girl will not treat her friends like how her mum treats her. Hopefully not following her mother steps by hitting others for not getting her own way.

Parent should not hit their child like that, not the right way to lecture like that. So wrong


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