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Feelings Expressed

Love Yourself

Every person is fighting with his own life. Everyone is suffering and trying to survive. Those who smile outside may be hiding many wounds in their heart and soul. No one can estimate the suffering of other person no matter how much we try.

We do not know how much the other is struggling with his life. Now a days we only care about our emotions we do not want to get hurt we do not want to be ignored we do not want to be cheated. We want the other person to give his all time thinking that we are the only one in his life. Unaware of the fact that he has to deal with other people. Unaware of the fact that he is also struggling for something else. For his living or may be for our living.

They may ignore you because of their problems but instead of misunderstanding them, try to understand their worries. Try to reduce their burden by relieving them. Try to reduce their pain by consoling them. If they do not talk with you whenever you want, it does not mean they do not love you. They may love you more than you can imagine.

However, feelings cannot feed someone they have to earn in order to make you to live with them they also have to care for family. They have to deal with people in order to protect you and their loved ones. So instead of increasing their worries and pain try to decrease their pain by understanding them and caring for them. Do not let them leave you. Love yourself and your loved ones and cherish them as long as you are with them.

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