It does not pay to be nice and people know this, which is why the world will always have chaos, it will always have pain and it will always have hate.

Kindness is something we are taught from a very young age. Share your toys, play nice, help others, and treat others fairly. It is practically embedded in our brains as young children and it’s something we carry with us throughout our entire lives. Regardless of race, culture or religion kindness is preach endlessly. We are taught that being kind to one another is the right thing to do and that somehow you will be rewarded for the way you treat others. Why do we, as humans, have to be taught how to be nice?

The world is cruel and every day you live on this Earth will verify that fact more and more. Human nature is to be hateful and rude towards one another and that has been true from the time that sin entered this world. Don’t get me wrong, I have had moments where my faith has been restored in humanity and the world feels like a peaceful place and I believe it could be. Having a peaceful world starts within one person and the only perspective you can change is your own. It does not pay to be nice and people know this, which is why the world will always have chaos. It will always have pain and it will always have hate.

It doesn’t pay to be a nice person in this world, I have witnessed it time and time again as people are getting stepped on because of their kindness. Just because you do a good deed does not mean karma exists and this world will reward you somehow, that does not happen at least in my experience. You can love the people of this world with all of your heart and be spotless of hate, but you will always end up disappointed if you expect something in return. You see, if you demonstrate kindness for appearance or to get some type of reward…you’re being selfish and not truly kind.

We are taught to be kind because it is hard and we are selfish beings that care about end results. This isn’t a anti-kindness article at all, by all means please be kind…but be nice for the right reasons. It is easy to be angry, to hate, to discriminate and to have the bitterness of this world control you. But once you make it about others instead of yourself the kindness comes naturally, everyone is going through something and the best thing you can do is love. Love is the best gift our God gave us and it is meant to be spread. So be kind with an open heart but don’t let this world run you over. There is a time to care and still be careful. It’s not about peace, it’s about doing what is right regardless of what the ultimate outcome is.

So, no…it does not pay to be nice and you shouldn’t expect it to but don’t stop caring because the reward isn’t there. Kindness is the reward itself.