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Soul Mate

As I sit here and think about you and what you and I have been through, I see that I can only love you more and more with each passing day. You’re my inspiration each and every day. You are what keeps me going when I just want to give up. You are my reason for living. I love the way that you love me. I love every kiss and every touch. I wouldn’t know where to turn if I didn’t have you. You are this girl’s dream come true.

Soul Mate

I wish you could feel all the passion and all the love that I carry around for you. You have won my heart and soul. You have won it all. You make me feel like I am in heaven and in the arms of an angel. You and I have a fulfilling relationship, but as it goes on, I wonder which is it–friends or lovers? That is not certain yet. We’ve been friends for a while now, but the friendship isn’t just that anymore, at least for me. I have fallen in love with you, and I need to tell you that I am your soul mate masquerading (pretending to be) as a good friend.


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Confession – I need You

After being your best friend and telling you all my hopes and desires, I need to tell you what will make me happy.

You have always been there for me through our ups and downs; you’ve listened to my problems and, most of all, you’ve put up with me and all the crazy things I do. I love being with you and acting like fools, and I just love everything about you.

You are the best friend I have ever had, but last night when I was trying to go to sleep, I kept thinking about all the other boys. But then I thought about you, and I couldn’t stop thinking about you! I thought about all the good times we’ve had together, and I thought about that day we went Photography on bike, and I realized that it’s not the other people I want to be with, it’s you. I love you and I want to be with you, forever and a day.


Here I go, telling everyone that I desire you and need to be closer to you. You are a wonderful person who has allowed me to realize the important things in life. I appreciate and thank you dearly. I am here and always will be. All you have to do is e-mail me, and you know I'll answer you. This is your invitation, and it'll be open whenever you're ready to do the rest. You've showed me true love, something no one has ever done before. Thanks.
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Confessions – Mistreated a classmate

Confessions –  Mistreated a classmate


Confessions –  Mistreated a classmate

When I was in first & second grade, I was involved in harassing & making fun of a girl in my class. I think she was from a rather poor family & would sometimes come to school without bathing or not dressed appropriately for the weather. Once, a “friend” pointed out that she was not wearing underpants as the whole class sat in a circle & listened to the teacher read. We sat & whispered & giggled about it until the girl realized what we were doing. She was just mortified. I’m 40 years old & I’ve done worse things than this, but THIS is the thing I’m most remorseful for. She moved away a couple of years later & I have no way of finding her to apologize. I’m actually afraid that if I were to track her down & apologize, she would just tell me to go to hell. I hope she has had a good life & I’m terribly sorry for my behavior. I hope she would forgive me but I’m not a forgiving person myself & it’s a horrible way to live. – M

Confessions – Can’t stop thinking about her

Confessions –  Can’t stop thinking about her!!


Confessions –  Can’t stop thinking about her!!

There’s a girl I talk to, I cant stop thinking about her. I think about her all day and dream about her most nights. When I think about her I get an adrenaline rush, so I have a constant adrenaline rush all day. The other day I was talking to her and this put me in such a good mood I was happy all day. I think she likes me sometimes when I look up in class she’s staring at me, she wants to hang around with me alot. I want nothing more than to be with her. I’ve liked girls before but nothing like this. Am I in love? What should I do?”

Confessions – Old Boss

Confessions –  Old Boss

Confessions –  Old Boss

I used to work for this total dork. The guy would do anything to get ahead, and especially if he could climb over your back to do it. He got transferred, and I sent him a greeting card full of glitter. I wrote in the card, “hey jerk, I’m glad you are gone!” I just wish I could have been there when he opened the card and got pink glitter all over his blue uniform.


Confessions Am I a bad person – I met this guy a few years ago, online. he was amazing to talk to and I found myself falling in love with him. The problem is that I finally met in person with him a few months after we met, and I found out his looks were not as amazing as his personality. I’m ashamed to say that I can’t even go anywhere in public with him because I’m pretty good looking and I think being with him makes me look bad.

Confessions Am I a bad person

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Confessions – Guilty and Sad

Confessions –  Guilty and Sad


Confessions –  Guilty and Sad

I accidentally cut my hamster when I was grooming him. I feel horribly guilty! He has a big open wound now and I don’t know what to do! I have cleaned it and medicated it, but I can’t get over how careless I was. I am truly and terribly sorry! But I still feel awful! I regret it! I have cut his hair before cause he gets feces stuck in it, but this time he moved and that’s how i cut him. =(