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Yesterday is Gone


I am ready to learn,

Not just from Peter Peakers Patent Notes;

Nor just from the philosophical ‘V’ or his Dean,

But from whatever can aid my baptism into Leaders vault.

Yes, this is my new target,

To abandon all my knowledge to the past;

That I can be student again to get,

Accepted in the committee of ‘Spotless Saints’.
Yesterday is gone,

With my thoughts, my words and my tactics;

How unpleasantly refreshing it is to be reborn,

For acceptance, progress and be off their antics.

Although I seek this metamorphosis so desirously,

I mumble monotonously always to myself,

Wondering if the choice I pursue so mischievously,

I really want for myself. 
There went my beloved character,

Though cloudy, but was mine;

Now it is locked in my yesterday,

And on the path there, are mines.

Perhaps I will miss myself a lot,

What I must do just to earn my lot;

Betraying myself is the least of course,

Yesterday holds all that. That is all.

I must learn their ways now, because,

Yesterday is gone.