Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas is celebrated in all the Hindi-speaking regions across India. It is an annual function celebrated on 14 September every year. Mostly this day is a government sponsored event and is celebrated with utmost zeal at offices, schools, firms, etc in India. The primary motive of the Government behind celebrating this occasion is to promote and spread the culture of Hindi language. You may be a part of such celebration someday and may be required to deliver speech. We prepare you for such honorable day. Our sample speech on Hindi Diwas would certainly give you ideas about how to make your speech impressive. We have shared short speech on Hindi Diwas, perfect for school level celebration and the long speech on Hindi Diwas is suitable for College or at office levels. These sample speeches not only give you the background of the day, but also the language is very easy to understand which will make your Hindi Diwas Speech informative and inspiring for your listeners.

Our organisation gives much importance to the celebration of this day. Even though our publishing house publishes newspapers and magazines in English language; but we give utmost respect to our mother tongue Hindi as it is our national language. Now, please allow me to share the background of Hindi Diwas! On 14 September in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India had accepted Hindi as the official language of India. This decision was sanctioned by the Constitution of India and came into effect on 26 January 1950. As per the Article 343, Indian Constitution, Hindi written in Devanagari script was accepted as the official language. Now, there are two languages which are officially used at the Union Government of India level, i.e. Hindi and English.

You all must be aware about the competition that was running since the past one month in our office. Every year, we do something interesting and informative to celebrate Hindi Diwas. Since we are a publishing house, the celebration more often circulates around education. This year our theme was ‘Kabir Das ke Dohe’ ( Poems of Saint Kabir Das). The participants were supposed to do research on the poems of Kabir Das and present the same through plays, songs, various Indian dance forms, etc basically in a creative and innovative manner. We received applauding participation from several colleagues in the celebration that was held last week. We will be announcing the result of the competition today itself.

I am very glad to learn that there are still many people who are interested in preserving our Indian culture and traditions and still holding on to the importance of Hindi language. I appeal to everyone present here that to use the language in their everyday lives as much as possible and make it more widespread amongst the people.

Unfortunately, the significance of the language ‘Hindi’ is dying down. People who speak Hindi are looked at with suspicion by the so-called high class society. People feel ashamed in the public places to converse in Hindi. However, I also see several educated people interacting very confidently in Hindi. I have come across several people who feel very connected when they speak in Hindi.

Hindi is our national language and we should always feel proud to use the language as much as possible.