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Confession Page is a private page where people post their confessions and secrets. The Posts are posted with confidential names as anonymous.

Teens can post things like secret crushes, confessions, lists that rank their classmates by “Good” or “Bad.”

All Confessions are safe. The admin of the site has no right to disclose the names of the people who posted their Confessions.

You can Post here all your Frustrations, anger, sadness, and whatever you like.

You will be reverted with an Email with your solutions.

Just Post Here:

Confession Page

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7 thoughts on “Confessions”

  1. I had a crush on a boy, and we were in the science lab with my other friend, while he was distracted my friend started mouthing ‘she love you’ to piss me off, she was busy looking at me and didn’t notice he turned back, he went ‘well, I love her too’ and walked off, that was the last day of school and I haven’t seen him since.

  2. I’m always the one to be hurt in the end , or I end up hurting those I love dearly I feel like I only try for the ones I care about the most.

  3. Ok so I have ended up dating my crush which is great but he was also my best guy friend so it ends up being awkward at times. my cousin (we are really close like best friends almost sisters close) knew that we would
    end up dating I always denied it but as soon as she got dumped, me and him asked each other out and we’ve been dating since Nov 17 2017 but the problem is that I have 8/9 with my cousins ex and were still friends and sometimes I feel like I might like him then I realize that I don’t. The same thing happens with my bf best friends. He likes her and she likes him and I have 3rd with him. So I’ve been trying to get them together for a while and they might becoming a thing which I’m SUPER happy about; but then it’s like I might have feelings for her ex because were good
    friends and I might have feelings for her crush/boyfriend’s good friend then I’m dating my actual crush and were all close LIKE I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!!!

  4. I don’t like romance at all. It seems uncomfortable and unnecessary to me? I’d much rather have a close bond with someone than date them. I feel different than anyone I know and I wish I could just be normal…

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