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That is Me

I do remember meeting with people. I may forget our conversation but I do remember their way of talking. If I do not remember people’s faces, I do remember their way of looking on me. I am little different from world but I remember people who are burdened by me. I may forget the harsh words but I never forget their tone. I leave that place where I have no respect I do not choose a way, which do not lead me to my destination.

I may leave shores and prefer to be drowned if that hurt my self-respect. I do not beg for shadows, I prefer sunlight. I leave clouds for the sake of sunshine. I do not keep a relation, which is not worth for me. If I leave someone, I leave them forever. You may think I am arrogant but that is how I am. I may not be easy but once I love someone I give them my heart and soul.

I never forget people who are kind and good with me. I do except from people but those expectations are those of humans not of angels, they may hurt me but this give me the identification of my persons and betrayers. My current time may be bad but I hope for the best tomorrow.

I may be bad for other people but the people who love me and whom I love are special. I give them my all. I open myself for them and give them my trust because I know that they will be there when I am falling down. Some may break my trust but I will not change myself for those some people.

I will not lose myself and my loved ones for the sake of some bad people. Life may be hard but I hope that it will be better tomorrow. I know that life comes once and this life is mine. No one else is going to live it for me. I may be happy or sad because I have a heart. I may cry and smile because that is me.

I will not sit and cry for someone who left me because I am too precious to do so, that is how I am. I treasure my life. I love myself and my loved ones. I cherish myself and my loved ones, I pray for myself and my loved ones. That is me.

That is Me

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